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 Unity for Absolute Beginners (2014) - Sue Blackman, Jenny Wang [pdf] [ENG] [LIBGEN]

Unity for Absolute Beginners (2014) - Sue Blackman, Jenny Wang [pdf] [ENG] [LIBGEN]
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Dodane: 29/09/2018
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The Unity community is very large and very helpful. There are videos, code, and 3D assets available on any number of topics, and the Unity help documents have recently undergone a major update. But if you are new to any or all of the components of game development (scripting, 2D or 3D art asset creation and manipulation, or game design in general), you have probably discovered how overwhelming it is to make sense of it all. One of the biggest challenges is to learn how to bring it all together. Unlike short topic videos, this book takes you through the process of creating a game that seems very simple at first glance, yet becomes more sophisticated as you work your way through the design and creation process. One of the great advantages books have over videos is the luxury to spend time on explanations. In game development, there are always several different ways to solve design and technical problems, but there is rarely a ?best? solution. And unlike a large studio, where budget and time constraints dictate a highly detailed game document, you will discover that the game design and creation process must be flexible in order to be able to finish a game or even a working prototype.
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